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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  February 7, 2013 2:35am-4:00am EST

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they'res a demanding background checks for all gun sales. it faces an uphill battle in the republican controlled house. celebrities, politicians and people affected by gun violence gathered in washington, adding their voices to the gun control debate. they appeared on behalf of the mayors against illegal guns group, founded by michael bloomberg and the mayor of boston. >> it's almost impossible to describe the pain of losing your father to a senseless murder, knowing that that murder might have been avoided if only our leaders had acted to stop the violence. >> saying gun control would be a great tribute on the 50th anniversary of the march in washington. >> another interesting debate,
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people who are against it and people who are for it. and there's no right answers in this debate. >> a lot of gray area. we can have all the debate we want. it comes down to what capitol hill is willing to do. there seems to be bipartisan support for background checks. but the other stuff, the assault weapons ban and high capacity magazines, things are going to get messy. a vote for chuck hagel's nomination has been postponed. hagel still has the backing of all the democrats in the senate. the vote was set for today and is postponed to next week. now to a medical headline this morning and a health care burden for the u.s. neurologists predict the number of alzheimer's patients is expected to triple by the year 2050. that's when as many as 14 million patients may need care for the disease. the startling projection follows
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a study of patient records, as well as census numbers. >> doctors are warning parents about a strain of whooping cough. the new england journal"the new medicine" reports it's caused by a vaccine resistant strain. it's the worst outbreak of its kind in 60 years. and what will be the story of the weekend. a powerful blizzard is zeroing in on the northeast, threatening to bring fierce winds and up to two feet of snow. the nor'easter expected to be the worst in years, is moving in from the gulf coast and the great lakes. snow is coming down this morning in chicago. but by tomorrow night, this storm will be unleashing heavy snow on boston and coastal new england. and that storm, as you know, could make a mess out of travel, even before the first flakes fall. some airlines announced plans to relax rebooking rules so passengers can change flights
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without having to pay the standard fies. it's still too early to tell how many flight also be canceled, but expect a nightmare at the airports. >> it might happen to you. and here's a look at your thursday forecast. that storm barreling to the northeast to bring snow to milwaukee, chicago, green bay and detroit before heading to the ohio valley and western new york. showers and thunderstorms from new orleans to the carolinas. mountain snow in the sierra nevada and the cascades. >> thirties from the twin cities to detroit. 70s in dallas and new orleans. and a unique sort of retirement for a pretty unique player. 1500 packers' fans were in green bay yesterday to watch as packers' receiver donald driver calls it a career. even the governor was there declaring yesterday donald driver day. >> he spent his entire 14-year career with the packers. along the way, he won his season
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on abc's "dancing with the stars." he'll be guest hosting katie couric's talk show. >> i smell a nice, lucrative tv career. he missed only four games in a career that spanned 14 years. that's impressive. >> he was also the 7th round pick in 1999. >> that doesn't mean anything. not when you get tickets. it's what you do after. >> he said he didn't want to cry and he held it together. >> well earned, that's for sure. coming up next, a love story that's gone on for 80 years. >> a long time. and a landmark decision behind the boy scouts and why there's a sudden delay. you're watching "world news now." my name is marjorie reyes, and i'm a chief warrant officer.
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and with so many rich, indulgent fragrances to choose from, you can get lost in celebration. something in the air wick. ♪ it's going to be a few more months before the boy scouts of america make a decision on whether or not to allow gay people into their ranks. >> the organization was close to announcing one, but it received so much feedback, its leaders decided to take a little more time to think it over. abc's cecilia vega has the emotional reaction.
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>> reporter: jennifer tyrrell was fired as a den leader. >> i'm not a distraction. alicia is not a distraction. we are moms, and we're americans. >> reporter: that's her son, 8-year-old cruz in tears, with his two moms. the news that the scouts will postpone a decision on allowing gays in its ranks this time had terrell fighting tears. >> i'm not looking forward to have to go home and tell cruz that we have to wait a little longer. >> reporter: after last month's announcement that scouts were close to dropping the ban, there was an outpouring of feedback, like that from governor rick perry, an eagle scout opposed to the change. >> scouting is about teaching a substantial amount of life lessons, sexuality is not one of them. >> reporter: in a statement, the scouts say they concluded that due to the complexity of this issue, the organization needs time for a more deliberate review of its membership policy.
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when it comes to the future of an organization more than a century old, division persists. a new poll out shows a narrow majority of americans want the scouts to end its ban on openly gay members. and while 61% of women want to see that ban lifted, fewer than half of men agree. now time will tell. will the ban on gays end? tyrrell says she'll keep fighting. >> i will never stop fighting for what i know is right, and i'll never stop fighting for a better world for my children to live in. >> reporter: what's next? the national council will make the decision at the group's national meeting in may. cecilia vega, abc news, new york. >> just to put this into perspective, 23,000 people commented on their facebook page when they announced the fact that they were thinking about making the change. >> it's a hot issue, and everyone has an opinion. we're living in an era where you're seeing a lot of headway on this issue in terms of don't ask don't tell going away, in
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terms of the president coming out in support of same-sex marriage. the supreme court will take up gay marriage. you're seeing more states approve same-sex marriage. so this is the cultural issue we're in and the latest manifestation is the boy scouts. >> no at what timer somewhat they decide to do, half of america will have a problem with it. >> and more women support lifting the ban than men. >> that is interesting. >> the latest culture war. here we go again. still ahead, going under water with one of the most experienced ocean scientists in the entire world. >> what she's learned in her 60 years studying the depths and why she's so concerned about the ocean's future. you're watching "world news now."
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that's good. >> the music is awesome. >> oh, billy ocean. been a long time, billy. >> now to a trip, literally, to another world. a famous explorer has spent more time under water than nearly anyone on earth and probably more time under water than above water. >> reporter: abc's bill weir dove into the depths of the caribbean sea to see why her work is so vital. >> reporter: she's out there somewhere. under there somewhere. a woman known as her deepness. and when one of the most respected ocean scientists alive arranges for an urgent meeting at the bottom of the caribbean, you go. to our interview spot 62 feet below the surface. for 20 years, the reef base has
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bubbled off the florida keys, housing scientists of every stripe. this one of a kind place is endangered, doomed by the federal budget ax. here to try to save it is the former head of noaa, unofficial sturgeon general, sylvia earl. >> good to see you again. >> good to see you, too. >> reporter: thanks for having me in. she originally fell in love with ocean plant life, the microscopic algae responsible for every fifth breath you take. but over the years, her wonder has been steadily replaced with worry. once vast pockets of thriving teaming life are getting increasingly hard to find. a warming planet is changing the acid levels in the sea, killing coral reefs, pesticides running down the mississippi and the deep horizon water accident has stressed the gulf of mexico and she's determined to stounldz the
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alarm on the overfishing that's driven some species to the brink. >> you can't imagine the farmer taking apples by lowering down the apple orchard that's what we're doing to the ocean. >> reporter: she's concerned about the pesticides and mercury floating out here. one reason she says ocean study is more vital than ever. but research money is drying up. florida international university scraped enough to save acquire use for now. but there are no long-term guarantees. i want to thank you for this experience. i can tell my grand kids that i went diving with sylvia earl. god speed. >> that's impressive. >> not just an amazing cause, she's 77 years old and still doing that work. still rolling like that. that is impressive. for many reasons.
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plus the medicine lasts long after the lozenge is gone. ahh ! mmm ! cepacol sensations. ♪ ♪ our love is here to stay welcome back to the cotton club. >> this is nice. oh, man. there's really no other way to describe this next one, except for the fact that it's a classic love story, 80 years young. >> 80. and that's why it's a clear winner for our favorite story of the day. the nation's longest married couple keeps love alive in their very own special way. here is our report from new haven, connecticut. >> reporter: john and ann have been married for more than 80 years. at 101 years old and 97 years old respectively, they are the country's longest married
2:56 am
couple. >> we just fell in love, that's all. >> reporter: they tied the knot on november 25, 1932. and have been buy each other's side ever since. so what's their secret? >> 80 years, you know, it's just contentment. just contentment. she's no problem. she's never worked. she's always cooked, took care of the family. a good mother. great mother. >> he's always had his hand on my knee or my hair. >> reporter: the happy couple met in bridgeport. in fact, their houses were right here, they lived across the street from each other. but their union almost never happened because ann's parents arranged for her to marry someone else. that's when john and ann took matters into their own hands and eloped. >> we went to harrison, new york. >> we didn't have any money to go any further. >> reporter: they went on to have five kids, 14
2:57 am
grandchildren, and 16 great grandchildren. >> your love grows, you know. and it grows in very good directions for the two of us. >> reporter: their record breaking union has meant the phone at their fair fieldhouse has not stopped ringing. john and ann can't believe they hold the record. >> kind of surprised me that there aren't anymore. >> reporter: also surprised was the waker who made their anniversary cake. >> he thought we were 80 years old. she said no, it's their 80 anniversary. said he never had one before. >> if that doesn't restore your faith in love a little bit, that's impressive. you don't see that anymore. >> their personality is so wonderful. the gentleman, he was talking about the fact that they've lost two kids, to of the five kids have passed away. he said, that's what happens when you last that long. >> endless love. that's a good way to end this
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half hour. more from abc next.
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this morning on "world news now," blizzard watch. the worst winter storm in two years threatens millions of people with some areas bracing for two feet of snow, possibly even more. >> airports from chicago to boston are in crisis mode as airlines urge passengers to rebook. it's thursday, february 7. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> you were flinging it around. anchors get fidgety. >> i get nervous when talking about the weather. >> oh, man.
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good morning, everybody. can you tell it's almost friday? i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm diana perez. the storm hits the northeast on the anniversary of an actual winter disaster. that went down in history in 1978. accuweather has the very latest. also this morning, the invisible enemy attacking the u.s. how hackers are getting to the heart of computer systems and why it's so difficult to track down the criminals responsible. >> sign of the times in this cyber world. they're out there and they're good. >> the latest thing they're doing, too. >> getting into very deep levels of government, too. also later, from laughter to outrage. new jersey gofr your chris christie joked around on late night tv, joking about his weight. but now you'll see what turned from laughter to anger the governor speaking out now against some folks who were concerned about his weight. >> you'll hear what he told them
3:02 am
to do with his opinions. >> he ain't bashful. now to a new study, just before valentine's day that reveals what singles look for in a potential mate. it's a pumped up body? or something else. we'll tell you. >> everyone has that checklist of, i need this, this, and that. a little bit of that. >> and you want chris carr kardashian -- >> kim, let's be clear. forecasters warn this could be historic. >> it's actually two storms that are converging into a giant system, whipping up 50-mile-an-hour winds and two feet of snow. it could rival only monster blizzards. new england is expected to be
3:03 am
hardest hit with the snow coming down tomorrow evening. >> airlines have started waiving rebooking fees. carriers are keeping a close eye on the forecast before announcing what could be numerous cancellations. travelers be ware. and people across new england are taking no chances. in rhode island, they're filling up tanks and shovels and generators are flying off the shelf in connecticut. for more, let's go to accuweather and get the latest from meteorologist jim dicky. good morning, jim. >> good morning. a major winter storm brewing here. we're watching two systems expected to come together on friday. first system today, moving across the midwest, bringing heavy snow to wisconsin, northern michigan with ice in chicago. this while a system is bringing plenty of moisture across the southeast. moisture from this storm is soaking rain, combined with that system in the north, bringing up the level of energy, leading to
3:04 am
a powerful snowstorm, potentially a blizzard. snow arrives friday across portions of new england, especially boston here. big-time accumulations expected. multiple feet not out of the question. icy mix likely in new york city that lasts into saturday. back to you. >> thanks for that, jim. the growing controversy of drone attacks on american terror suspects. john brennan, the president's choice to head the cia, is expected to be questioned about the policy today during confirmation hearings and expected to face tough questions over harsh interrogation methods and long detention of suspects without due process. ahead of today's hearing, the white house ordered that top lawmakers be given secret documents about the administration's drone program, this comes days after a group of 11 senators demanded more information, especially about the killing of american citizens. at least one prominent republican is backing the
3:05 am
policy. south carolina's lindsay graham says he's 100% behind it. at the center of everything here is due process, or lack thereof when it comes to attack on americans outside of america. >> you hear two key arguments. there you're violating civil liberties. other people say in a post 9/11 world, whatever you have to do to stop that from happening again, go ahead and do it. warfare doesn't really have any rules, particularly when you're trying to stop a constantly evolving area. >> a lot of people are okay with going out and killing the terrorists. we don't think about it or worry about it. but when we start talking about it happening to americans who have lost their way somewhere and now they're somewhere else, we're not going to ask them what's on their mind, we're just
3:06 am
going to kill them, that's the problem. the federal reserve says it's fixed what it calls a temporary vulnerability which allowed hackers to breach one of its websites. a fed official also claims no critical operations were affected. but as abc's pierre thomas reports, more attacks are likely. >> reporter: this is the public face of anonymous. >> this time there will be change. or there will be chaos. >> reporter: anonymous is a loosely affiliated network of hackers spread across the globe. they stole the logging credentials of some 4,000 bankers from across the country, allowing the group to disrupt a key emergency communication system. >> citizens of the world, we have seen the erosion of due process, the delusion of constitutional rights. >> reporter: greg house, a former member of anonymous says
3:07 am
expect more attacks on the government. >> all these big bankers and rich people who have caused a lot of the problems we've had are not getting prosecuted. >> reporter: the fbi has had some success against suspected associates. arresting at least 20. including one arrest heard in the background during this web chat. but finding and arresting members of anonymous is challenging. for the fbi, each targeted computer network is a crime scene. >> on any crime scene, you want to look for the computer foot prints. so you look to see where the file was exported to. >> reporter: and a big investigative tool, agents posing as hackers and trying to infiltrate anonymous itself. in addition, the videos are also clues. the video may contain embedded location information if the hackers do not scrub it out. and the pictures may tell something about the hackers, too. an online game of cat and mouse is under way right now.
3:08 am
pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> the tentacles that this -- yeah. they are far reaching and they are not letting up any time soon. >> not uncommon. they've had similar attacks in "the new york times," "the washington post." so for all the good and all the convenience that computers have brought us, there's a dark side to everything, because the proliferation of computers means the proliferation of computer nerds and evil ones who try to get into the pentagon and fbi, credit cards and all kinds of things. >> and anonymous swears they're doing this for the public good. that's questionable. new york city may soon join other communities nationwide in an environmental crackdown. cups and containers made out of styrofoam may soon be illegal in new york because it can't be recycled. new york may join a growing list of cities to ban the stuff and styrofoam all together.
3:09 am
some restaurant owners oppose it, because containers are pretty cheap. the postmaster's plan to cut most saturday deliveries beginning in august could be challenged in august. the postal service says the move could save $2 billion a year. one company that would benefit from dropping saturday mail deliveries is netflix. the company could be more profitable because subscribers may be able to have fewer dvds delivered for the same monthly price. we had this debate with my husband. i happen to love getting mail. >> really? >> it's an american tradition. it's like taking away apple pie or baseball or monday night r.a.w. or whatever you guys like. >> you can keep my light bill. we have an update on abc's barbara walters. she's preparing to return to work. barbara phoned into "the view"
3:10 am
saying she's still a little weak but not in any pain. barbara is recovering from chickenpox, as well as an injury she suffered during a fall few weeks back. she does plan to return to "the view" in about three weeks. there are plenty of animals roaming around in chicago. there are the cubs, the bulls, and of course, the bears. >> the bears. add to that list the coyotes. a couple of them at least. they were seen just hanging out yesterday in a snow covered ballfield. it's the coyote's mating period, so they have to be out and about in order to find mates. >> that's right. >> coyotes or coyotes? >> i hear it both ways. the city has no plans to move the coyotes. but it's mating season. they're just frying to get their groove on. >> in urban places like chicago, you don't -- [ howling ] >> is that a scream? >> it's a mating call.
3:11 am
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♪ born to run. the boss. >> that's right. bruce springsteen, describing what his state's governor may be doing in the future. but critics think chris christie' weight is a big obstacle. >> but now christie is saying hey, enough is enough. with more on this, here's abc's dan harris. >> this is just another hack who wants five minutes on tv. >> reporter: chris christie displaying his famous candor, reacting to dr. connie mariano, who called the governor a time
3:16 am
bomb. >> i'm a physician more than a democrat or republican and i worry about this man dying in office. >> reporter: the governor questioned how she could diagnose him from her office in arizona. >> it's completely irresponsible. my 12-year-old son said dad, are you going to day? >> hey, bring it fat boy. >> chris christie said he's not going to run for re-election next year. he's like, i'll collapse that bridge when i get to it. >> reporter: his weight has been constant source of attention. he insists his held is still good, but he's aware his weight could become a serious issue, and that he has a plan to deal with it. when you look at him, do you think he's a ticking time bomb? >> i think it's really very judgmental to have such a strong conviction when you have no
3:17 am
innate knowledge of his level of activity, his left of fitness. >> reporter: but dr. mariano said it is sad the governor cannot take my advice and instead chose to attack me personally. probably not going to fly with christie who has made it clear that he has no patience for people who speculate about his health. >> she should shut up. >> i agree with the governor. he's notng for national office just yet. he said he's battling his weight issue. he's aware of it, doing what he can and until he runs for president, leave the man alone. the governor's weight is not a national news story. >> and he opens it. he said i weigh too much because i eat too much. >> he opens it. and we're not exactly a slim nation. he's not the only one with a problem out there. i don't understand the big deal. everyone back off, let him have his doughnut and move on to something relevant.
3:18 am
still ahead, a new survey reveals what singles really want in a date. >> how does the survey measure up in the real world? we'll be right back.
3:19 am
♪ ♪ what a girl wants, what a girl needs ♪ the music department is rolling tonight. welcome back. >> as with anything in life, you have to know what you want before you get it. and it's the same deal with dating. i've always said that. >> a new survey from reveals what many singles out there are looking for. so abc's linsey davis hit the streets to find out if that survey holds true. >> i'm going to be the one guy on earth who knows what women
3:20 am
want. >> reporter: you might not have to be a mind reader like mel gibson to know what singles want. a brand new survey from shows what men and women find attractive in the opposite sex. attributes that surprised many of the singles we found honing and toning their bodies at new york's sports club. are there certain body parts that you would be attracted to? >> i have to say eyes. >> probably the eyes. >> reporter: in the online and admittedly unscientific survey, eyes didn't score in the top ten things men or women judge the opposite sex on the most. would it surprise you to know the number one thing, teeth. >> i would say the smile. >> probably the smile. >> reporter: speaking of the mouth, it's not your smile but what comes out of it. the second thing is grammar. >> oh, i love grammar.
3:21 am
>> reporter: while men and women agree that teeth and grammar are the two most attributes, wrim say clothes followed by hair and men prioritized hair right before clothes. the top must have for 63% of men, someone they can trust. 84% of women say someone who treats them with respect. and apparently virgins need not apply. 42% of unattached men and women say they wouldn't date one. would you date a virgin? >> i think i'm too old for that. >> reporter: but what will apparently help you get on the fast track to a hot date? some dental floss and toothpaste. both of you have nice teeth. lindsay davis, abc news, new york. >> that's not education level, not what your face looks like. >> they're worried about the snagle tooth.
3:22 am
>> what if they have wonderful teeth but their face is busted? that's okay? that's not okay. >> that can't be right. is there a key body part for you? >> yes. it can be frustrating. it's hard to turn off and go back to sleep. intermezzo is the first and only prescription sleep aid approved for use as needed in the middle of the night when you can't get back to sleep. it's an effective sleep medicine you don't take before bedtime. take it in bed only when you need it and have at least four hours left for sleep. do not take intermezzo if you have had an allergic reaction to drugs containing zolpidem, such as ambien. allergic reactions such as shortness of breath or swelling of your tongue or throat may occur and may be fatal. intermezzo should not be taken if you have taken another sleep medicine at bedtime or in the middle of the night or drank alcohol that day. do not drive or operate machinery until at least 4 hours after taking intermezzo and you're fully awake. driving, eating, or engaging in other activities while not fully awake
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without remembering the event the next day have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations, or confusion. alcohol or taking other medicines that make you sleepy may increase these risks. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. intermezzo, like most sleep medicines, has some risk of dependency. common side effects are headache, nausea, and fatigue. so if you suffer from middle-of-the-night insomnia, ask your doctor about intermezzo and return to sleep again. ♪ ahh ! mmm ! ahh ! finally, there's cepacol sensations. serious sore throat medicine, seriously great taste. plus the medicine lasts long after the lozenge is gone. ahh ! mmm ! cepacol sensations. but lately she's been coming in with less gray than usual. what's she up to? the new root touch-up by nice'n easy
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♪ well, here at abc it's no secret we love cute videos. this is a little baby who was going to sleep, but they put on the song "gungnam style" and take a look how the little youngster reacted in the back seat of the car. he was knocked out and that song came on and you can see to the delight of i assume his sister, just rocking out. >> their own version of "gangnam style." >> he's feeling the beat. >> that is cute.
3:26 am
moving on to other stories about kids. there's a dad in boston. he is the vice president. his name is paul, and he drafted up a legal agreement with his 14-year-old daughter named rachel to give her $200 if he agrees to stay off facebook for six months. it was her idea to do this. because she says she wants to get a job and focus more on school. and you may remember we did a story yesterday about the fact that a lot of people across america take time off of facebook, because they lose interest or don't have the time for it. >> that doesn't apply to us. many times a day i'm on facebook. >> i can do some of it. i'm not an addict per stay, but i like facebook. >> i can't remember the last time i was not on it. >> when i was on maternity leave, there was less facebook time.
3:27 am
may have wondered what they do with all of the wrong jerseys for the super bowl. what do they do with the stuff that said 49ers, world champions. they send it to a group called world vision, which sends those clothes overseas, to parts of the world who have no idea about nfl football. so they don't waste all that stuff. it goes to a good cause, which is good to see. just interesting trivia. >> that's the kind of thing that you -- they don't have the internet. so they'll never find out. >> exactly. they need it. they're impoverished nations. so good. >> and the 49ers, what are you going to do at that point? >> you were very bummed about that. >> i'll take some of the gear. send it to me.
3:28 am
i'll take some bum gear. what do we call that
3:29 am
3:30 am
now," about face. lance armstrong's 11th hour decision to testify under oath in his doping scandal. >> his last-minute move last night and the multimillion dollar lawsuit he faces today. it's thursday, february 7th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm diana perez. we'll hear all about the last-minute legal maneuvers and what it means for lance armstrong in our top story. this is something we were definitely not expecting. >> no. he's had a remarkable last few weeks. first the big admission with oprah. and now apparently he was petrified when news broke this could turn criminal. now a very different change in tune for mr. armstrong.
3:31 am
>> so we'll delve into that. also this morning, the worst winter storm in years is about to threaten major airline hubs and millions of people, from chicago to the northeast. accuweather is tracking all of it. >> it is wintertime, folks. here we go. you and i share a strong loathing of cold weather. i know you're a new york girl. >> quite a disdain for it. not a fan of the cold. and not a fan of people who like the cold. >> i agree. i don't get it. >> i don't understand. what could you possibly like? there are activities in the cold and skiing, but to just like the cold -- >> i don't like it. give me a beach, 80 degrees. some flip-flops and a corona. >> you like chlorine. >> i like the beach, i don't like the ocean. then to a "world news now" followup. american couples who got caught up in a political tangle while trying to adopt russian children. one family's struggle to bring home a special needs daughter for good.
3:32 am
later on this half hour, the fashion police cracking down on the grammy awards. what performers can and cannot wear. it is a party specific guideline. we'll explain all of that in "the skinny." that's coming up. >> some of the ladies like to show a little something something on the red carpet. they're cracking down in explicit terms in what you can and cannot show. that will be fun. we'll get to that in just a second. of course, our top story this half hour. federal anti-doping authorities are giving lance armstrong more time to prepare for what should be bombshell testimony under oath about how he used illegal drugs while winning seven tour de france titles. >> that extension comes amid some serious legal woes. abc's neal karlinsky has the latest. >> reporter: abc news learned that lance armstrong has made an an 11th hour about face and will
3:33 am
now likely testify under oath and give full details of how he cheated for so long to the u.s. anti-doping agency. armstrong had been faced with a deadline to testify or lose his last chance at a break on a ban from a lifetime sport. in a just-released statement, they wrote -- >> reporter: the sudden change comes on the heels of an abc news exclusive. our report that according to a high level source, agents are actively investigating armstrong or obstruction, witness tampering and intimidation, for allegedly threatening people who dare tell the truth about his cheating. a case reignited about his confession to oprah. >> i didn't invent the culture, but i didn't try to stop the culture. >> reporter: if charges are ultimately filed, the consequences could be severe.
3:34 am
>> these are serious potential crimes. you're talking about possible sentences up to 5, 10 years. >> reporter: the pressures against armstrong are immense, and include civil claims that could cost him tens of millions. anti-doping officials say they're giving armstrong two weeks to come in and tell them who helped him pull off one of the greatest scandals in the world of sport. neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> so he has two weeks to come clean or have to testify under oath. february 20th a very important deadline for lance. >> that's right. there's something else that's out there. there's a promotion company filing a lawsuit against armstrong. they want to recover $12 million they paid him in bonuses for winning the tour de france seven times. this man is being hit by all directions. some would say he went out there and asked for it with this oprah confession. >> but it had to be calculated. i mean, he has a team of lawyers and pr people. he had to know something was coming.
3:35 am
maybe that was a way from a pr perspective to get a hand up on things. there's a reason he claim clean. >> i don't know that he expected all of this. >> i mean, legal, criminal, financial, it's a big hit. and that ban is from all competitive sports. >> he can never, ever compete in whatever that competition is. >> and the doping was bad. but with anything you do in life the lying makes it worse. now we're going to turn to an update on u.s. skier lindsey vaughn. she will have surgery on her injured knee next week. she tore a bone in a race in austria. she will have surgery in colorado. she says she will do whatever it takes to be ready for next year's olympics which begin a year from today. the northeast is bracing for what is likely to be a monster storm expected to leave some
3:36 am
cities buried under two feet of snow. forecasters say it could be the worst snowstorm to hit the northeast since the powerful blizzards that paralyzed the area two winters ago. the heaviest snow moves in friday evening, with boston and coastal new england bearing the brunt of it. and the new york city area could also get a fair share of snow. and the storm is trouble for airline travelers and major hubs, including chicago. some airlines are already waiving rebooking fees from midwest and northeast flights. major delays and cancellations are expected to follow. and snow is coming down in chicago. freezing rain and sleet is expected throughout the morning. that means a very messy and treacherous commute for millions of people. as the storm intensifies, plows are also hitting the streets in madison, wisconsin. >> we can't complain too much. the last two winters have been fairly light by northeast terms. so we're kind of due for a messy one, and here it comes. >> it always happens in february.
3:37 am
>> that's right. as you can imagine, winter warnings and advisories have been posted in 14 states from minnesota over to maine. >> the storm will develop into a nor'easter. meteorologist jim dicky has the latest. good morning, jim. >> good morning, rob and diana. we're tracking the potential for a crippling winter storm that will develop into friday as two systems come together here. the area we're watching especially here in across massachusetts and southern maine. many spots picking up multiple feet of snow. snow in massachusetts up on through vermont, new hampshire. it arrives late friday, lasting in some cases all the way through saturday. rob and diana, back to you. >> thanks a lot, jim. now to that bombshell on capitol hill where we can expect to get a rare glimpse inside the secret world of the cia. it's part of a confirmation hearing for john brennan. as the next head of the spy agency. he's expected to be questioned about the controversial policy
3:38 am
that allows drone strikes against terror suspects, even those who are american citizens. civil liberty groups say such strikes are unconstitutional. >> it justifies essentially a claim that the executive branch can be judge, jury and executioner. >> trying to head off the controversy ahead of the hearing, the white house has ordered that top lawmakers be given secret documents that explain the white house's drone policy. a broing 878 dream liner from fly from texas to washington state today, but that doesn't mean it's closer to carrying passengers any time soon. 787s are grounded while investigators try to determine what caused a fire inone of them and smoke in another. the plane's lithium ion battery is under scrutiny. a led investigator says the batteries aren't necessarily unsafe. but boeing needs to build reliable safeguards in the event of a problem. today's flight is not a test, it's simply to relocate that aircraft. also from the airline
3:39 am
industry, our station in dallas reports american airlines and us airways are close to a merger. the announcement is likely to be made official sometime next week. it's believed that the combine airline will remain the american name. if it happens, the new airline would likely be the nation's largest, measuring it by traffic. a unique athletic event took place here in new york last night. it was the 36th annual empire state building run-up. runners climbed 86 flights of stairs from the lobby to the observation deck. >> if you're counting, that's 1,576 steps in all. but who's counting? australians won the men's and women's division. also among the participants was talk show host kelly ripa. she participated with some of the on-air personalities of our new york station, wabc. congrats to everyone who, unlike me, has the stamina and fitness level to endure that little run
3:40 am
there. >> so this is kind of cute. she was raising money, that's why she did this. >> kelly? >> yeah. for a charity called team for kids. she wanted to raise $35,000. as of air, she had raised 36 grand. so good for her. congratulations. >> is that something you can do? are you like a fitness nut? >> no. in fact, i had seen kelly working out, and i would get to the gym, she would be on the treadmill. i would do my entire work out, which was half an hour, with warmup and cooldown and i would shower and leave and she would still be there. >> oh, kelly. >> thanks, kelly. making me look good. coming up next, the fashion police cracks down on the grammy awards this weekend. >> and the hamburger heiress worth billions. meet an unusual woman with a whopper of a net worth. you're watching "world news now." whopper of a net worth. you're watching "world news now." people everywhere with sore throats
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♪ a 5-year-old russian girl is going home for the first time in her young life. her adoptive parents from arkansas are ready to bring her to the united states. but other couples have not been so lucky. >> here is one of the last adoptions that's being allowed. here is the story from moscow. >> reporter: it's a reunion that almost didn't happen.
3:45 am
kendra and jason skaggs arrived in moscow to pick up paulina, a 5-year-old orphan with spina bifida, now their adoptive daughter. >> it's a dream come true. >> it doesn't quite hit you yet that she's ours. >> reporter: she's one of the last russian children to be adopted by americans, barely escaping russia's new ban on adoptions to the united states. it went into effect on january 1st. part of russia's retaliation for a set of human rights sanctions passed by the u.s. last year. americans have adopted over 60,000 russian children since the end of the soviet union. but russian officials have pointed to the cases of 19 children reportedly abused by american parents. ordinary russians reached out to offer support. one woman gave kendra and jason $1,000 to help cover expenses. another dropped off a pair of warm boots for paulina. finally, authorities agreed to allow about 50 children to travel to the u.s., including paulina. yet hundreds more adoptions remain stuck. those families may never see the
3:46 am
children again. as she prepared to leave moscow, paulina was excited. practicing her english, and playing with her new gift. >> she's learning that it's forever and we'll be there when she goes to sleep and wakes up. >> reporter: when the plane touched down in houston, paulina skaggs was finally home. >> and good to see that story, but keep in mine that hundreds of cases are still locked up, not moving anywhere. even cases where parents have met the child. some parents are looking into some kind of legal action to fight this. but certainly an uphill battle. >> you connect with a child and then you have to leave them behind. >> exactly. tough, tough, tough. coming up next, some big promises from the filmmakers behind the end of a very popular trilogy. >> oh, i like that. and diamonding are a
3:47 am
kardashian's best friend. but this unusual jewel is creating some backlash for kim. that's next in "the skinny."
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny skinny in the house! >> welcome, everybody, to "the skinny." >> this is dedicated to willis.
3:49 am
you're going to like this. >> willis, you can't wear your pasties anymore. all right, so with the grammys coming up, the annual grammys have apparently sent out a wardrobe advisory to attendees. and this is because of their wardrobe problems that we've seen in past years. >> scandalous. >> pasties are not allowed. this is what's really interesting. i'm going to read you some of the quotes. be sure that buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered. thong-type costumes are not allowed. bare sides or undercurvature of breasts are deemed problematic. hello, j-lo. visible buttocks curved or buttock cracks -- >> crack will kill you. >> -- also not allowed. or see-through clothes that can expose female breast nipples also not allowed.
3:50 am
>> what's the point of watching? >> you can wear your sheer shirt and show male nipples. female nipples not allowed. that's sexist. what if i want to show my nipples? that's not fair. >> it is sweeps. go for it. >> we need the ratings. >> the grammys cracking down. people like to see those raunchy outfits. we'll see who breaks the rules. that's always the fun part. and big news here, "hangover 3" is coming out. i don't care what anyone says, people loved that movie. >> "hangover 1" one of my favorite movies of all time. >> number two didn't get a lot of good reviews. they're saying number three is going to tie back to the first movie in a unique way and they see this as the ending to the trilogy. this movie was a cultural phenomena and made a ton of money. so it's good that this one will be coming out. so stay tuned for that coming out may 2013.
3:51 am
>> already? >> i think i'm reading that correctly. yes. >> wow. it takes a shoe string and $3 to make those movies nowadays. now kim kardashian, your wife, and i apologize i have to talk about this story. but kim kardashian signed a pledge that -- against gun violence when the sandy hook thing happened and encouraged twitter followers to do the same. then she posted on twitter this picture, which obviously goes against everything. it's diamond encrusted and a really cute again, i get it. but not days after you sign the pledge and ask your people to sign the pledge, as well. she quickly deleted this. obviously realizing the hypocrisy of it. and she's posted other pictures of her and guns before. >> kim has never been known for her big brain. also, chris brown is back in court, in relation to the 2009 issue with rihanna.
3:52 am
and guess who he shows up with? rihanna. trying to figure out as part of his probation, did she skip out on the community service. >> after beating her up. >> there is rihanna still standing by her man. new sfloou
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
♪ ♪ everybody knows that song. >> that wasn't the rich girl song i thought we were going to be playing. >> you were expecting the hip-hop version? >> yeah. >> this is abc. b.e.t. is that way. >> you can take the girl out of things. >> nothing wrong with it. >> all right. now to the story of a reclusive heiress, one of the youngest female billionaires on the planet and rob's new crush. >> this is a nice story here.
3:56 am
lindsey torres owns half of the fast food chain in and out burger and soon will own it all. abbie boudreau has a look at her and her life. >> reporter: in and out burgers have cult status with 281 restaurants in five states, and 2.9 million facebook fans worldwide. but just like their secret ingredients -- what's in that sauce by the way? much about the owner remains a mystery, until now. she's 30-year-old lindsey torres, outed as the youngest female billionaire in america. but who is she? >> she's very secretive, as is the company. she's kept this low profile. >> reporter: in the 2010 documentary, "california gold in and out," she gives a rare interview, talking about teaching employees the values her grandparents built the company on. >> we started as a very small family and small company. and i like to bring that family atmosphere. >> reporter: here's a little we know about torres.
3:57 am
she inherited the burger empire at age 30. she's been married three times, a proud mommy of twins. and her unusual hobby? >> you can catch america's youngest female billionaire racing a car as much as 170 miles per hour. >> reporter: the earnings are a secret, too. though some estimates put them over $600 million a year. perhaps that's why she with spring for this sprawling $17 million estate, complete with seven bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, a golf course and yes, a gourmet kitchen. a world away from the family kitchen she used to work in. >> you didn't do the potatoes, did you? >> i liked washing them, but not dicing them. >> reporter: abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> i like that she keeps a low profile. not the house, but her public profile. i got my money, i don't need to be out there.
3:58 am
maybe one day, diana. >> that's
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